There is no specific season when you might need a notary. The need for a Notary Public come all year round. A Notary Public’s duty in Texas is to be a disinterested party that verifies the identity of the document signers and acknowledges that the required person or people appeared before the notary and willingly signed the document. Some of the most common uses are to notarize a:

  • Bill of Sale
  • Court documents
  • DMV parent authorization forms
  • Driving safety course completion
  • Order for Repossession
  • Power of Attorney
  • VSF form to remove your vehicle from a Vehicle Storage Facility
  • Wills & Last Testaments

For people who work out-of-state, it is very common to need documents notarized to complete transactions while you’re away from home. I’ve been asked if I could notarize a document and send it to them to sign later, but that is a big NO! You must present yourself to the Notary Public and provide proof of identification before notarization can occur. Lucky for you, Mayen Business Services makes it simple when the day you need a Notary Public comes. We will travel and meet you at your convenience. So the next time you’re in need of a Notary Public, contact Mayen Business Services.

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